Our Mission

To provide Australian Farmers, Food Processors, Exporters, Retailers and Consumers the opportunity to market and purchase Non GMO food from sources which are compliant with the Non GMO Compliance Australia Standard.


Our Vision

With the ever-increasing concentration of our food resources controlled by multi-national chemical and drug companies, it is our vision to maintain a food supply system independent from Genetic Modification. This will ultimately be driven by the recognition of the Non GMO Compliance Australia logo both domestically and internationally.



In mid-2016 a steering committee was established to form a Not for Profit Company to write and administer a Non GMO Compliance Standard for the export, manufacture and sale of Australian agriculture produce.

Over recent months the steering Committee has forged ahead, registering “NON GMO Compliance Australia Ltd” as a Not for Profit Company, registered our “Platypus” logo with IP Australia and drafted a compliance standard which we believe will be recognised nationally and internationally as a rigorous system of Non GMO Compliance validation for Australian products. This will be of great benefit to Australian Agriculture.



The Standard has been written to recognize various levels risk categories within the Industry:

No Risk:

Products which contain no biological material

Low Risk:

Species for which genetically modified versions have not yet been commercialized

Compliant Products:

Inputs that have been substantiated under the Program as compliant Products, independent of the product for which they are an input


Genetically modified organisms identified in the Standard, including crops grown on a large scale in North America and certain other parts of the world, their derivatives, animals-derived inputs, and the products of synthetic biology. High Risk Inputs can be either Testable or Non-Testable.


We believe Australian exports are at a significant disadvantage with no standardized framework for compliance and verification. We ask for your support to rectify the matter. The Australian model, unlike the USA model which targets consumers’ awareness, will also be used to promote Australian agricultural products which have varying levels of GMO contamination risk, either as a raw material or as manufactured goods. The Non GMO Compliance Australia Standard has been written to comply with the Non GMO regulations of our major trading partners.



Producers and manufacturers will be able to apply to join Non GMO Compliance Australia as members. Subject to the “audit process” and meeting the requirements of the Non GMO Compliance Australia Standard, members will be able to use the Non GMO Compliant Australia logo on packaged products. Where bulk export deliveries are made, the Non GMO Complaint logo and Establishment number can be used, and Transaction Certificates can be applied for where required.


Associate members are also welcome - for the small annual fee of $50 (plus GST) individuals can support the objectives of Non GMO Compliance Australia 


The Platypus Logo

The Platypus is uniquely Australian and represents the diversity of what nature can achieve without the interference of man. The platypus needs a pristine environment for its existence, like our plants and our animals it needs our protection for its ultimate survival. Therefore, the platypus has been chosen to be represented on the “Non GMO Compliance Australia” logo.


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